I feel all excited

I know a bit of a title, but today I decided I would start a little craft site on Misi, hopefully to sell items I create.  At this moment in time, I have to get started (getting a bit ahead of  myself) but I have to start somewhere right? so I have an account set up and hopefully an e-bay shop selling christmas items.  I am also going to sell a whole load of clothes that I have been hanging onto to with the hope of getting into! Who am I kidding, no it’s fair to say that as i only wear a handfull even if I am lucky enough to gain an ounce of willpower to get into them, I live in jeans, I am a home educating mum who ony socialises in the daytime, so why oh why does my wardrobe contain clothes from so long ago, that are for evenings out!

There is something about sorting out and offloading that sort of makes you feel good, I hope when I open the wardrobe now, I can fully see all items I wear alot, and even get to wear clothes that I had forgotten about.  If I am able to sell unused/unworn clothes on e-bay even better.

Maybe, maybe, I may even get to grips with this blogging lark and actually find my way around wordpress without finding out things by accident, watch this space if I get good I may even be able to link to my Misi shop, who knows!


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